Farm & Livestock Supplies

Whether you have a large or small farm; cows, horses, goats or chickens; Walker’s Farm, Home & Tack has what you need for all of your farm needs. Our selection of farm supplies in Fort Ann simply cannot be beat. Our expert staff can also help answer your questions from what supplies you need to construct a fence, what you need to seed your pasture or what you should do if your chicken sneezes!

Walker's Farm cattle gates

Farm Supplies

  • Fencing
    • Electric and high tensile fencing from Gallagher and Patriot
    • Southern Pine Treated Posts
    • Page, welded, poultry and non climbable wire
    • Fiberglass and metal posts
    • Corral Panels
  • Gates, Tubs and Feeders from Behlen and Tarter
  • Shavings – Top Bedding, Obecs
  • Hay, Alfalfa and Straw
  • Baling twine, net wrap, bunker covers, bale wrap
  • Hay and Pasture grass seed
  • General Barn and Milkhouse Supplies
  • Medicines and Supplements
  • Salt and lime